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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Can Do Hard Things...

So, this new year i've decided that i'm going to have a motto. You know, something that kicks me into shape and makes me want to stretch. So, this years motto is going to be I CAN DO HARD THINGS. I know it sounds cheesy but has already really helped me as i've been working out, as well as at work. So, as part of my I Can Do Hard Things year, i'm going to run a marathon as well as a triathlon. I'm pretty excited actually. It's going to be a lot of hard work but i think i'm going to track my progress here on this blog. Ya'll better be excited! SO... here is to doing hard things. Better go get started!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Robin Hood you've broken my heart...

One of my favorite stories growing up was the story of Robin Hood. Wasn't he amazing?!? He had a cute little red tail and his girl was so cute in her blue dress with that pointy hat. He was so kind to all of the poor. He really helped them put food on their tables and take care of their families. Who couldn't like the guy!?, or fox, or whatever the Disney character was. But my love for Robin Hood changed the more i learned about two things, American politics, and the true meaning of Christianity.

I cannot speak for the rest of the religious world, to say i understand their thoughts and beliefs would be inaccurate and so i will only include Christianity.

First off, tithing. Who is really forced into paying tithing? If you feel 'forced' so to say, you shouldn't pay. It isn't how much, but rather the intent of ones heart that reaps the benefits of paying ones tithes. But those who pay tithing usually do so freely because it is a wonderful opportunity for us to give to the poor. Most of the churches that we participate in we can trust, we know they will handle our money with care, and offer it to those who truly are in need. That is a sense of comfort that we can't find in most other 'organizations'.

Now on to the other T-word, taxes. Do you know the definition of taxes? Let me repeat it for you, "A compulsory contribution to state and/or federal government." No, the word contribution isn't good in this context. In fact, the word proceeding it rather ruins that ever so kind and loving word, contribution. I've never heard anyone say, "Yay! It's tax day!" Or, "I got 150 taken out of my federal taxes and 100 out for my state for this week! I'm so glad that i could help!" No my dear friends, i have yet to hear anyone write out a tax check and feel good about it. Most are bitter and hoping they get a good part of that back. Quite opposite of our beliefs in giving our tithing money to a Organization that we trust, who really trusts the government? If you do, maybe we should address other issues before we proceed. Ah, if only we had the time.

I think to more powerfully explain my position on taxes, you must know of the strong feelings i have toward our American Constitution. But more than that, let me tell a story that might help you understand the purpose of tithing. You see, some say that it provides for the general welfare, meaning, that it is your constitutional right to take care of the poor through taxes. I want to end that way of thinking right now. The 'general welfare' means that if it helps the richest of the rich, as well as the poorest of the poor, than that in all essence is taking care of the general welfare. So, do rich people need police officers? Do poor people? Do rich people need firefighters? Do poor people? Do rich people need roads? Do poor people? All of these are YES YES YES. That is supporting the general welfare. Do the rich need food stamps? um, no. So, therefore food stamps do not fall under this category. Well, then Lindsay, how ever did the government get the ability to do that? It's called a usurp of power, and no you silly goose, that is not a good thing.

Now, this is usually when people start finding me a rather heartless person. So, let me tell my story while you are still reading, that is if anyone is still reading. Lets say you live in a circle with two other families. The guy to your left is filthy rich and his name is Tom. When i say filthy rich i mean it. He has a huge home with four cars and only one child and a wife. The guy to your right is named Henry. Now, Henry is struggling. You hate walking outside and seeing that Henry has five kids and just one lousy clunker car. So, you walk over and talk to Tom and say, " Ya know, Tom. You have five cars and Henry only has one. I think you should give him one of your cars." Tom quickly replies no with a list of reasons as to why that wouldn't be smart for his business and family, etc. Well, you know whats best for Tom so you just take one of his cars and give it to Henry. Oh, Henry is so excited and happy. Then what happens? Well, more than likely you will have the cops at your door for ROBBERY. Yet, how come the government can get away with robbery? Because no matter how you try to twist this, this is exactly what they do.

The constitution gives the government the same right as the people are given. If a group of you were having fires threatening your homes and families you could gather a group of your brave men and tell them you will pay them to keep watch over your homes to protect them. Is that okay for you to do? Yes! So, then it is okay for the government. It is the same principle for police officers. If we could get together and do it, it's okay for the government. But if we couldn't take one car or money away from one man and give it to another, than why is it okay for the government to do it? My point exactly. It is called legal stealing. And i don't care how you look at it, it is wrong!

That is why as I've grown older Robin Hood has started looking more and more just like a dirty thief than a defender of the poor. If he really was concerned with the poor why wouldn't he teach them how to rise above their poverty? Why wouldn't he teach them how to fish instead of taking from those that do?

And so, in my political and religious senses of right and wrong i have to say that Robin Hood, you have disappointed me after all. I thought you were fighting on my side, but just like any other, my lack of education discouraged me from seeing you for what you really are, a thief.

Yes, you may like Robin Hood. You may even invite him in your home, much like you would the tooth fairy, in the hopes that he will leave you with some spare change under your pillow. You may think he is great and that we should all be more like him, that is of course till It's YOU he is stealing from...

The only true way to give to the poor is how it was intended and laid out for us in the constitution; Churches, organizations, and businesses were to take care of the poor and needy. Government was to stay small and controllable. We were to control and take care of the government, not the other way around.