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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Grandma Stannard

Yesterday my grandma passed away. We sat around remembering her life and the person she is. I was shocked to learn new things about her. She was amazing. She was a convert to the church. When she prayed and knew the church was true she then gave her life to it. She served numerous missions including in Nauvoo and Salt Lake. She was such a wonderful example of finding truth and holding on to it. She met my grandpa at a young age and dispite what everyone said she married him. They were told it would never last but they grew old together, still madly in love. Her sweetheart passed away almost a year to the day that she did. They are both now living their happily ever after and i couldn't be happier for them both. I'm sure they are doing what they both love most, and what they did for so many years, sharing their testimonies with others. I'm so glad that the gospel gives us this hope, this knowledge that things are not over when our earthly bodies are laid to rest.


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