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Sunday, May 16, 2010

You've got to love the mish!

Today I spent a good afternoon reminiscing about my mission. We had a great stake conference that just brought me back to memories and people from my mission. I starting thinking how i really want to go through my missionary journal but the thought kinda scared me. I was so dedicated on my mission and i feel like i've lost the spark. I never wanted to be that person. Sure i still have a testimony, I'm not going off the deep end so don't get me wrong. It's just on the mission the gospel is your life and you promise yourself a million times that you will keep it going. It's hard to explain and easy to know what i'm talking about if you've served a mission. I've just got a long way to go. But if i could get back to the person i was during the mission that would be a good start. 

I posted this picture of me because i feel like this was the Hermana Jensen i remember and love. I didn't care about wordly things. Heck it was a good day when i actually did my hair instead of pulling it back in a pony tail after hoping out of the shower ;) I loved riding my bike because i felt like i was working harder and i didn't have any down time. And mostly i was just all about other people and their needs before my own. This seems to be such a selfish period of my life. I want to find something to help me give up myself again and dive into other people and their needs. If only we could get prego, ha ha, i think that would be a good start because what mom can really think too much about herself? They are some of the most unselfish people i know. Sure you can find those selfish ones but not the women i surround myself with. 

So, here's going back to who i was so that i can find who i truly am...


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