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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Diamond Gallery...Don't do it!!!!!

Here is my experience that i had with the Diamond Gallery in Rexburg and Logan...

Okay so long story short. THey lied to us three times about when my ring would be ready. Finally a week before we got married we went in again just to have them tell us another due date. They told us that all along they had told us the ring would be done May 24th and that i was the one lying. FUnny, because i was getting married May 22nd and please tell me a bride who wouldn't want to have her wedding ring the day she gets married!!! I was completely blow away with the comment that i lied but it was days till we got married so i just thought i would ignore how completely rude they were and just wait it out so i could get my ring.

Well, my dad was so mad because they were totally screwing over his daughter. So, he did what any good dad would do and called to set things right. He called the owner up mad because his daughter wasn't going to get her wedding ring till after her wedding. Then the owner Brian starts in making comments about our religion because my dad was mad , and rightly so. This makes my dad even more mad and he starts yelling at the guy. Well, a couple hours later my dad feels horrible and calls and apologizes to Brian about how he acted. He apologized up and down the wall for his behavior.

 So, We worked it out so that i could finally get my ring the day before we got married. Oh, but we had to drive to Logan Utah to pick up the ring!!! crazy, right!? So, then we got there and they gave me my ring, which was two different colors of gold. That was super weird because i asked for 18k right? So, when i brought that up to them they said that i was just because it was dirty that it looked that way and that they'd clean it and it would be all the same color. Funny because under my ring it said 14k on one part of my ring and 18k on the other part! So, i wasn't that surprised when they brought it back after they cleaned it and it was still two different colors of gold. 

The worst part of the story is a year and a half later I finally had the heart to tell my husband that the ring just didn't turn out how i wanted it to and i wanted to get another one. He was so kind and loving about it and let me go pick out another one. The jeweler that i went to was shocked that i paid so much for my ring and that in order to exchange my ring for one of his he would need the paperwork from Diamond Gallery on what they appraised the ring for and exactly why. So, i called the Diamond Gallery to get the information. They refused. They said i needed to have the original receipt and a signature to produce any information like that. After going around in a circle with them for what seemed like hours, but i'm sure was just wasted minutes, i finally called my dad's in house lawyer. He said that it sounded like they were afraid that i was going to sue them and it was all really fishy. He gave us a few tips and said to go in and try to talk to them again and if it didn't work then he would draw up some paperwork to force them to give us information about our ring. Because my husband could easily prove who he was we shouldn't have any problems. They said the reason why they wouldn't do anything without the receipt is because they dont' know if we stole it or not. 

SO, we went in and talked to the owner. Funny, because he knew he we were and still said he needed a receipt. He said that he remembered getting an angry call from someone's father and so he refused to help us. Okay, so a year and a half ago my dad had called him, for good reasons, and because of that he refused to help us now. Yep, you got it right. He refused to help us in any way. Oh, he took my ring and looked at it. But then told us he wouldn't write up any paperwork for us or help us in anyway because he didn't want to deal with or work with us anymore. I reminded him that my dad was super sorry and that he even called and apologized, and Brian's words were, "OH, and that makes everything better?" wow!

Having graduated in Public Relations and have done a lot of work in that field i can honestly say that if the Diamond Gallery wants to survive as a business, they might try something called customer service. They might also want to hire a PR person to help and not allow the owner to talk to customers, seeing that he is so rude to them it does more to hurt than help his company. Just a thought. 

So, we walked away with nothing. I'm hoping that my story will help anyone who is even thinking about going there to choose a better place. One that will help you and not lie to you. If you want a great experience, learn from our mistake and don't go to Diamond Gallery!


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